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Tina Smith

Brad, Artiseo and their team did a fantastic job doing a top quality full interior paint job, touch up on exterior paint and pressure washing house, driveway, sidewalks and patios. They finished the job on schedule and were always on time and working. They were professional, courteous and cooperative. Often they made helpful recommendations for how best to accomplish a task. Not only did they do what was expected, but their attention to detail and going above and beyond made things look great! I was also very pleased that they took such care to prep the surfaces to be painted, and also to cover and protect (furniture/floors/belongings) other areas of the house from paint. Pricing for the job was fair, and when other tasks were added the cost of alterations were also priced fairly. Overall Carnival Custom Painting did a terrific job!

Description of work:
painting, painting prep, pressure washing

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