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Cabinet and Woodwork

Painting Cabinets & Woodwork Restoration in San Antonio, TX

Our 8-Step Process

Our experienced crews will adhere to a detailed eight-step-process to ensure the efficiency and quality of our service.

  1. Protect Property, Flooring and Furnishings. Your furniture will be moved away from the walls and to the center of the room. Countertops, flooring, furniture and fixtures will be covered with clean, plastic sheeting and thick builder’s paper.
  2. Sanding & Caulking. Surfaces that are stained need to be lightly sanded for cosmetic consideration and also to promote bonding. Caulking will be done along all seams, joints and cracks along baseboards, door jams and crown molding to ensure a more appealing finished product.
  3. Cleaning. Surfaces to be painted will be thoroughly cleaned after sanding is complete.
  4. Priming. Once the cabinets and woodwork are sanded, caulked and cleaned, a coat of Sherwin-Williams Easy Sand Primer or ProBlock Primer will be applied to promote adhesion while providing a smoother finish and preventing stain bleed-through.
  5. Final Preparation. After the primer has dried completely, the surface will be lightly sanded a second time and re-caulked. The surface will then be wiped clean a final time to remove all residue.
  6. Beautiful Application. Our professional painters will apply a new coat of paint either by brush or spray depending on the particular requirements of the painting project, providing a uniform and consistent coverage across the entire surface.
  7. Thorough Clean-up. When the project is complete our crew will begin to move possessions and furniture back into place. Finally, window coverings, wall plates, and fixtures are re-installed and we perform a final clean.
  8. Inspection and Follow-up. When the project is finished, a supervisor will inspect and review the project with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.